Colorado Academy of Audiology Awards

The Colorado Academy of Audiology awards two prestigious honors to individuals for their outstanding contributions to CAA and the field of Audiology.

Peak Performance Award

The Peak Performance Award is given to individuals to acknowledge an exemplary achievement or effort that contributes to the advancement of the field of audiology and/or a direct humanitarian contribution to society in the realm of hearing.

Award recipients

1994 | Vickie Thomson

1995 | Sandy Gabbard and Jill Boice

1998 | Dr. Al Mehl

1999 | Christie Yoshinaga-Itano and Paula Dhrkopp

2000 | Mante Mission (Christine Gerhardt-Jewell, Edith Burns, Nancy Cyphers, Sue Dreith, Linda Jelden)

2002 | Deanna Meinke

2003 | Cheryl DeConde Johnson

2004 | Nancy Cyphers

2005 | H.E.A.R. Project (Jill Boice, Edith Burns, Nancy Cyphers, Megan Hildner, Sandy Gabbard, Nancy Schehr, Pauline Casey, Carolyn Wolfrum, Mary Bartholomew)

2006 | Julie Tulenko

2008 | Roger Ott

2009 | Michael Iliff

2012 | Colorado Hands & Voices

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals dedicating their careers in the field of audiology resulting in a positive impact on their professional colleagues.

Award recipients

2000 | Linda Cleeland and Richard Sweetman

2002 | Marion Downs

2005 | Cheryl Johnson

2009 | Bruce Schachterle

2010 | Jerry Northern

2011 | Gus Mueller

2012 | Vickie Thomson

2013 | Deborah Hayes and R. Steven Ackley

2014 | Robert Traynor

2015 | Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

R. Steven Ackley Educators Award

Steven AckleyDr. R. Steven Ackley was an Audiology colleague, teacher, advisor, mentor, and friend. Dr. Ackley taught in virtually all the Colorado audiology programs, including 10 years at Colorado State University. He also spent a number of years as professor and Chair at the University of Northern Colorado.  In 2000, Dr. Ackley joined the Department of Hearing Speech And Language at Gallaudet University served as faculty member, Audiology Program Director, and Department Chair.  His teaching and mentoring was student-centered, and was focused on the importance of life-long learning, liberally seasoned with high expectations, humor, and  humanitarian ideals. With a natural ability to connect with those around him, he often acted as a motivator for other’s research and professional development.  The R. Steven Ackley Educators Award is given in the memory of Dr. Ackley to an outstanding professor in the field of Audiology that exemplifies practicum and classroom excellence and a mentoring style that promotes learning in a comfortable, developmental way.

Award recipients

2014 | Kathryn Bright

2015 | Jessica Rossi-Katz